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Our Story

Our Story
Hi everyone! Welcome to Heart Passion Tarot! My name is Julia and I am here to deliver the messages from Spirit to aid in the well-being of those seeking answers in regards to their love life....May the white light of the Holy Spirit surround you and give you peace. You may order a personal reading through my website, or browse through the different gifts inside our psychic shop. Enjoy! I thank you and I love you! xoxo❤️❤️

Please email me directly at : heartpassiontarot@gmail.com . Do not send me messages through the website.

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  • Athens, Greece


 Thank you so much for putting your time, energy, and love into this video and ALL your videos! I appreciate the insight and will use this to kick my intuition into high gear and move towards happiness and a higher vibration as I move on from this. Sending you love and blessings! Kelly"

Kelly M.

 Thank you for my personal reading. You helped me so much to make the right decision in my love life. I am so grateful to you! You are truly gifted."


 You are unbelievable! You hit everything right on the nail!! You are so gifted, and help us all so much!!"