From the German Tarot tradition, a 78 cards deck illustrated with mythology themed scenes. What is the timeless feeling of November 1st? While the world turns, and turns to winter, the distance between the obvious and the sacred thins and fades. By the art of Giuliano Costa, a laughing and grinning macabre new deck of eternal wisdom and perilious delight, carrying the Halloween spirit fully into Tarot. Giuliano Costa, 78 cards, 65x118 mm. Instructions. Multilingual edition. Included: 78 cards, instructions. Cards size (approx): 6.5 x 11.8 cm (2.5" x 4.6"). Weight of the deck: 235 g. (approx). Includes instruction booklet in multilingual (in Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish). Plastic coated paper playing cards. New, sealed. Made in Italy. 100% authentic, original Lo Scarabeo product.

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